Nashville rips Evansville, 7-1

Nashville had a two-goal lead after two periods and cruised the rest of the way en route to a 7-1 win over Evansville.

Nashville was sparked by Colton Anderson, who racked up one goal and one assist. Anderson scored 2:29 into the second period to make the score 2-0 Nashville. Josh Hill picked up the assist.

Evansville was unable to stop Nashville from sending pucks towards the net, and Nashville eventually piled up 55 shots on goal. Nashville\’s goal total was higher than its season average. Nashville averages 4.1 goals per game.

Nashville additionally got points from Hill, who also finished with two goals and one assist, Michael Redmon, who also grabbed one goal and one assist, and Trent Kulczyk, who also registered one goal and two assists to lead the team in points. Others who scored for Nashville included Jesse Hyde and Nicholas Redmon, who scored one goal each. More assists for Nashville came via Dylan Schmidt, who had two and Brandon Orth, Riley McCann, Max Dorfman, Logan Orem, and Declan ONeal, who contributed one each.

Evansville excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in five chances.

Evansville was led by Brandon Bornkamp, who scored the team\’s only goal. Bornkamp scored on the power play 9:52 into the second period to make the score 3-1 Nashville. Evansville had taken the advantage when Nashville\’s ONeal got sent off for tripping. Brian Crink provided the assist.

Nicholas Ottenbacher rejected 21 shots on goal for Nashville. Nashville incurred six minutes in penalty time with three minors. Adam Conkling made 48 saves for Evansville on 55 shots. Evansville incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors.