Nashville downs Cincinnati, 2-0

Dakota Wilson grabbed one point to lead Nashville to a 2-0 victory over Cincinnati.

Nashville put up an impenetrable defensive front on the penalty kill, and did not allow Cincinnati to score on any of its four power plays. Nashville\’s defense was surprisingly good. Nashville gives up 2.4 goals on average per game.

Peter Cabala also scored for Nashville. More assists for Nashville came via Max Dorfman, Kyle Van Wyk, Dylan Schmidt, and Colton Anderson, who contributed one each.

Cincinnati did not reach the goal total it has come to expect this season. Cincinnati puts an average of 2.5 pucks into the net per game.

Nashville\’s Ricky Gonzalez stopped 16 shots out of the 16 that he faced. Nashville incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors. Daniel Dolliver rejected 22 shots on goal for Cincinnati. Cincinnati incurred 14 minutes in penalty time with seven minors.